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Microsoft SQL Reporting

Konfiguration, Monitoring und Skalierung des SQL Reporting Services mit Windows Azure

Nutzen Sie SQL Reporting um Reporting Fähigkeiten in Ihre Windows Azure Applikation zu entwickeln. SQL Reporting ermöglicht Ihnen Reports mit Tabellen, Charts, Maps, Messungen und mehr zu erstellen. Weiterhin können Sie die Reports sowohl auf private wie auf public Clouds installieren - und das alles ohne die Notwendigkeit selbst die eigne Reportig Infrastruktur zu managen und zu verwalten.

Tutorials und Guides

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Erstellen Sie und nutzen Sie den Reporting Service in SQL Reporting
In this tutorial, you'll sign up for a free trial account and run your report using a reporting service. You'll need to provide an existing report. You'll also get to perform a few more management tasks so you can gain familiarity with SQL Reporting in the management portal.

Grundsätzliches zu Authoring und Pulishing Reports mit SQL Reportings Report Server
This getting started guide is designed to help you understand how to author and publish reports to a SQL Reporting service.

Lernprogramm zu SQL Reporting in Windows Azure (in 9 Schritten)
In this in-depth tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a new report from scratch, upload the report, provision a reporting service, and then run the report using the new reporting service.

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Guidelines and Limitations for Windows Azure SQL Reporting
This topic lists guidelines and limitations that are important to consider when using Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Reporting.

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Windows Azure SQL Reporting for application developers
Deploy a report server project to a SQL Reporting report server.
Render reports in ReportViewer Controls.
Programmatically access SQL Reporting using SOAP Management Endpoint

Verwalten Sie:

Run a Report (Windows Azure SQL Reporting)
After you sign up for SQL Reporting and create a report, this article can help you run the report you created.

Install SQL Server Data Tools to create reports on Windows Azure
To create reports you can use in SQL Reporting, download the SQL Server Data Tools.

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